Sketching Tool Holder From Wood & Acrylic




Introduction: Sketching Tool Holder From Wood & Acrylic

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Recently I had picked up a set of markers to try and push myself to improve my design skills. I found that they were taking up a ton of space on my desk and were strewn all over the place. However, keeping them in the box prevented me from sketching as often as I would like. I decided to make a small desktop holder for all of the tools needed. Now they are arranged nicely on my desk for use at any time.

This is a quick afternoon project.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 2: Gather Your Parts and Tools!

Needed Stuff:

  • Adequately sized piece of wood
  • Acrylic Tubing - I used 2-1/2" OD


  • Something to cut the wood
  • Sand paper for wood and wetsanding the acrylic - I normally just grab whatever I have laying around.
  • Something to cut the acrylic - I used a metal saw blade
  • Chisel
  • Forstner Bit or Hose Saw big enough to make hole for the acrylic piece - make you you have this before you start(Whoops!)
  • Something to drill holes for size of marker caps.
  • Straight edge/ruler

Step 3: Cut Piece of Acrylic Tube

I chose a random angle and height and went to town. Doesn't need to be too pretty because the sanding will make it look perfect.

Step 4: Wet Sand the Acrylic

Take a flat piece of something - table/desk/workbench - and begin sanding the acrylic angled cut. This is the side that will show in the piece. Once its looking flat but dull, put some water on the sandpaper and repeat until its smooth and to liking.

Step 5: Cut Wood to Length

I roughly planned out how I was going to arrange the markers and holder so I could determine the desired length. Then made the cut! You can see I'm using an old piece of flooring. Very old.

Step 6: Drill Hole for Acrylic and Then Markers

Determine a suitable location for the Acrylic holder and drill the hole for it. I drilled about 1/2" down for a secure fit. The Forstner bit helps because it takes out all of the material. If using a hole saw you will have to chisel out the remaining bit in the middle. You want the fit to be snug, no glue required.

I made a grid pattern for the markers to be held. I wanted them at an angle so I set a piece of wood under my work piece and drilled on an angle. Some of the holes weren't perfect because the wood was a little messed/chipped. Adds to the look.

Step 7: Chisel Out Slot for Eraser

I decided to add a little pocket for my eraser/sharpener. This is optional but is a good excuse to learn a chisel.

Step 8: Sand Sand Sand and Stain/Oil/Wax

Sanding, you know how to do it. I sanded in a nice bevel around the edge as well. Sand until you think its done then add your choice of oils wax or in my case a stain.

Step 9: Put It Together.


Step 10: You're Done! Show It Off.

This works perfectly and keeps all the stuff I need in a place that is readily accessible and not all over my desk. Mission Accomplished.

Step 11: Put It to Use!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Awesome tool holder! This would be great for my drawing tools, which are currently in a box mixed with other pencils.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! I hate drawers and boxes. Tools don't get used when they're in them haha