Skew Chisel DIY

Introduction: Skew Chisel DIY

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In the lathe tools series,I was in need for a skew chisel. So let's make a custom one!

I found a rusty old file among some of my grandpa's tools and decided that it should live some more grea days of glory! The steel in that thing is just phenomenal! More quality tools back then...

The handle I made from beech firewood, hand milled, hand planed and air dried for a long time now.

Let's see the vid,and go make one for yourself! It's highly satisfying to revive old tools that way..

You' ll need:

-A rusty old tool of your liking, with high carbon steel.(Files are a safe choice if you cant tell the quality of your steel. If not sure, you could make the easy and reliable glass-marble test..)

-A piece of lumber for your handle

-Some wood glue, some epoxy

-A grinder alond with some disks, and lots of sandpaper!

-And a coat of varnish/oil to finish it.

Thanks for watching.

It really helps!

And if you like what you see, feel free to subscrice. More coming up!



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    5 Discussions

    I hope maybe in the future I can make me one of these day. I also like your lath that you made it is awesome.

    Thanks again! It's always a reward to get this kind of feedback.
    Make a lathe too! Trust me you 'll enjoy yourself..

    I will in the future I don't have the materials right now. But I got to amittit that chisel is awesome.