Skewer Launcher

About: Hey this is MEB and OJB, (a brother and sister.) We will do a lot of instructables on crafts and drawing and such, but occasionally we might post something we drew that we aren't going to do an instruct able...

Hey it's OJB here today I'm gonna teach you how to make a easy skewer launcher

Step 1: Materials

Two unsharpened pencils

Empty plastic pen housing

Two thin rubber bands

One thick rubber band

Duct tape

Bamboo skewer

Step 2: Body

Take your two unsharpened pencils like so and use your thin rubber bands to bind them together

Step 3: Barrel

Now get your duct tape and plastic pen housing and duct tape it to the body like pic (make sure it's on top of the rubber bands so the skewer will come out)

Step 4: Thick Band

Now set your thick band on top of the housing and body like first pic. Now get your duct tape and smush it onto the sides of the housing like second pic.

Step 5: Load....Aim.....FIRE

Insert your skewer pull back and release



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing your project! Can't wait to see what you make next.