Skewer Shooter

Introduction: Skewer Shooter

HI i am kind of new to instructables. I shared an account with my friend, but he decided he wanted it for himself. This is my first own instructable. Please leave comments to help me improve this instructable. It is basically a tube with a view finder on top and a rubber band at the end that shoots shish kabab skewers.

WARNING- This can really hurt someone. Do not aim at eyes or any other person/animal(s). This was made for recreation and the fun of inventing.

Step 1: Materials:

Following materials will be needed-

1. A tube 5mm in diameter and a little less that 2 inches long.

2. 4 rubber bands.

3. Optional- a tube 1-2mm in diameter and 2 cm in length as viewfinder.

Step 2: The Tube and Rubber Band

Tube measurements-

Diameter- 2mm

Length- less than 2 in.

Take the tube and take 2 rubber bands. Fold one of the rubber bands over so that it is a U. Place each end of the U on either side of the end of the tube. Than take the other rubber band and keep wraping it around the tube with the rubber band U on it until taught. test by pulling on the U shaped rubberband.

Step 3: Ammo-

The Ammo will be a wooden skewer thingy for shish kebabs

Step 4: Optional- View Finder

This is optional, you can do without it, but it has better aim with it. find a tube, like in bic pens, that has a diameter of 2 mm and is about 2 cm long. take a rubber band and attach it to the front top of the tube/barrel.

Step 5: SHooting

Now for shooting. It is pretty self explanatory, but i will tell how to shoot it. Put the skewer throught the tube, place the rubber band at the end of the skewer, pull back, take aim, then release and enjoy!

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    yeah i made one of these before i saw this and it shoots at least fifty feat and i put a lazer on the TOP. its dead on the dot. i also made one that was more like a harpoon. i got a skewer and glued string onto it and held the other end so it was a harpoon skewer.

    sir bobby
    sir bobby

    12 years ago on Introduction

    wow! nice! i can shoot a skewer straight across the room into a peice of plywood with this thing!


    13 years ago on Introduction

    pretty cool. but instead of rubber bands you should hijack a boy scout and get him to lash it together


    13 years ago on Introduction

    it sucks, everybody knows this one since like jesus, but the ammo is kinda original