Skewer Shooter



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Intro: Skewer Shooter

This is a simple but high powered gun.

Step 1: Materials

1x Drinking Straw
1x Bamboo Skewer
1x Balloon (I had a water balloon)
Glue Stick

Step 2: Body

Put a decent amount of glue on the straw about where I have my finger to the bottom.

Step 3: Trigger

Slide neck of the balloon to the top of the glue and squeeze tightly to get it to stick well to the straw. Leave to dry for a couple of hours for maximum strength.

Step 4: Ammunition

Slide the skewer into the straw.

Step 5: Fire!

Pull back on the balloon and fire!

Note: If the balloon comes unstuck just glue it back on.

CAUTION: Do not fire at anyone!



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