Ski Bike

I saw some ways to make ski bikes but mine is by far!
The most simple effective way to make a low budget ski bike.

Here is my tutorial!

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Step 1: Step 1

The materials
Bike frame (I used a mongoose mountain bike but any frame will do)

Ordinary tools. Drill ,wrenches , something to set the bike up for you, Some work gloves not needed but helpful and alot of elbow grease.

You're going to want to start off gutting the bike completely. No breaks no anything we want a blank canvas to work on and add to.

Skiis I
got mine for 8 dollars at a thrift store.

Skateboard trucks
Skateboard truck hardware so the bolts you would need to mount the trucks we will be using this to attach the bike forks to the trucks then the skiis this is where the drill comes in

Step 2: Drilling the Skiis.

We are going to cut the skiis down later but for now just figure out where you want to put the trucks on your ski and take the bindings off. Again we want a blank canvas to add to with the trucks.

Now after you've a gutted the skiis find where you want to mount the skiis.

I took my trucks and scored where I was going to drill my holes.

After I drilled the holes I threaded the bolts in to see how far I could get them into the ski.

Step 3: Mounting the Skiis

You can see here that I have the trucks mounted to the skiis. I drilled the holes and mounted the trucks like a regular skateboard. Then you're going to put the trucks hangers into the bike forks where we removed the tires

The hangers may be a little to wide! That's fine! You can either cut the hanger in or lightly hammer the forks to fit the axle on the trials. Be unique!.

Step 4: Final Additions

You can pretty much mount any way to have a foot pedal. Wood works and it's cheap to replace. I didn't weld anything but you can if you want to. Also I had a hole from the kick-stand used to be on the bike so i used that to mount wood for my foot pedal.

This is a fun project to do over the weekend since it doesn't take that much time to produce it. Any questions just comment! I check this regularly.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I have got a whole bunch bike that are just sitting around and also a lot of used skis that I am to big for. What materials did you use and how did you attach the me to the skis?


    5 years ago

    How much were the ski s?


    5 years ago

    Any questions just ask ok guys!