DIY Ski Bob or Ski Sled - Ski Rodel Selber Bauen




I don’t know if this counts as a proper Instructable because I missed to document the build process with pictures, videos, etc…

But I wanted at least to share the plans, drawings and CAD files for others as an inspiration.

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Step 1: History

If you have some old skis lying around and basic woodworking skills, you can easily build this Ski Sled. There are three different versions which differ in the kind of used materials. For the 3rd version you need access to a CNC milling machine.

About 8 years ago, I built the first Ski Bob or Ski Sled for my son. I got the idea from a website which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. As my son moved to the Alps two years ago, he was in the right spot to get his old sled back to life. His friends started to rebuild the sled which led to version 2.

And meanwhile I designed a version which can be milled out of 9 mm multilayer plywood.

The Ski Sled is easy to use, very maneuverable and, depending on the materials, it can be lightweight and easy to carry. It is recommended to use waterproof wood glue and some kind of coating to protect the wood against moisture. A seat cushion is optional (but comfortable luxury).

I hope the drawings are self-explanatory enough, but if there are any questions, feel free to ask!

Have fun and enjoy the snow!

Step 2: Downloads

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    7 Discussions


    Question 7 months ago

    Danke für die Dateien. Ich hätte noch ein paar Fragen:
    1. Wie dick sind die einzelnen Platten?
    2. Wie lang ist der Ski?

    Leider habe ich weder eine Bandsäge noch entsprechende CNC, ich werde wohl meine Stichsäge zücken müssen ;-)

    1 answer

    Answer 7 months ago

    mit der Stichsäge habe ich auch angefangen :-)
    Die 2. Version ist da sicherlich am leichtesten umzusetzen.
    Die aufrechte Platte sollte min. etwa 19mm stark sein (stärker ist stabiler, aber auch mehr zu schleppen), idealerweise Multiplex.
    Das Sitzbrett kann etwas schwächer sein.
    Der Ski ist 70 cm lang, kommt sich aber auch nicht so genau.
    Ich habe auf den Zeichnungen immer zumindest 1. Maß angegeben, selbst wenn Du nicht 1:1 ausdrucken kannst, kannst Du so die Maße ermitteln.
    Als Sitzpolster eignen sich sehr gut ein paar Lagen alter Isomatte.
    Viel Erfolg beim Bauen!


    7 months ago on Step 2

    We don't get that kind of snow around here. But thanks for sharing the video. I enjoyed the HQ scenery.


    Question 7 months ago

    This looks fun! But if I was to have a go, my first query would be where do I put my feet? It feels like they need to have some support if they need to stay up off the ground?

    1 answer

    Answer 7 months ago

    Hi, as your upper legs rest on the cushion part between the handles, you only have to lift your lower legs. I never felt the need for a footrest.


    7 months ago

    This is great. I haven't looked at the files yet, but I'm hoping I can cut them on a Glowforge with an 18" x 20" cutting capacity. This looks like a perfect project for my 8th grade makers. We live in snow country!


    8 months ago

    Sure, this counts as an instructable! I like it, thanks for the great idea. This is something I need to make!