Skiing Costume

Introduction: Skiing Costume

My Cousin and I decided to make skiing more fun than it is already and after some brainstorming we decided to make a skiing-kostume. So I tried to make one and I wanted to share my process

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Step 1: What Are You Going to Need?

You are going too need:
•) A Costume of choice (I took a monkey costume). Remember that it has to be big enough for you and your skiing outfit. I ordered my Costume on amazon
•) Some to the costume matching yarn and some needles and a pair of scissors
•) A few buttons and some elastic rope (like on picture 1) keep in mind that the elastic rope isn't too strong because it will ruin your costume


•) some velcro strips (look at the head part to choose)

•) You are also going to need (with 90% chance, to understand read the last step) velcro strips

•) Your skiing uniform
•) Some time and creativity

Step 2: The Head Part

First you have to remove the head part by opening the stitching. After you did that successfully you have to take your helmet (yes I'm wearing a helmet you should too because I dont want to be delivered to hospital in a monkey costume right?) and search the little holes where your head breathes.
Then you decide if you want to glue on some velcro strips or (i would recommend that) some buttons. Be careful with that rag or it will tear like on picture 3.

•)If you use the velcro strips you glue them on your helmet and stitch them to your cap on and thats it.

Or you use Buttons
You may not understand what im meaning in the following text but with the last picture up there you may could (the green points are the stitching and the red points is the button).

You use the elastic band you stitch one side of them on your cape and on the other end you stitch a button. So you can remove the cape without ruining your helmet (you can also stitch a button on that ear part if you want)

If you have a bump on the top like I have (like on pic 4) just stitch it down

Step 3: The Shoes

Check that your costume is big enough to fit over your skiing shoe (if not follow the next part). After that you can (optional) make a strap you can put under your shoe so your costume won't glide up your leg while skiing.

Step 4: The Shoe Part 2

If your shoe is too big you're going to cut a gap into your costume as high as your shoe + 1or 2 cm. then you need your velcro strips. You have to stitch 1 to 2 cm on one side of the gap and do the same thing on the other side so you can adjust your leg part

The yellow thing on the picture is the costume the red things are the velcro strips

Step 5: You're Done!!!

Have fun with your costume and don't fall!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    you must post fotos of you & your cousin skiing in these costumes!! this is totally HYSTERICAL! x^D

    fotos like that would go viral ;^)