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Skill Master is going into the weapons business!

Recently I have started playing with knex after my friend showed me a knex gun that he had recently made and therefor inspired me to try and make my own. I managed to make two guns and I will be posting them soon. 

The first gun is the SMSS (Skill Master Single Shot), it is a ramrod type gun that has an okay range and is pretty simple. This is the first gun that I've made and so please, only positive comments.

The second gun is the SMGL (Skill Master Grenade Launcher), it is a ramrod type gun like the SMSS, but it is made for shooting larger rounds. The "Grenade" does not actually explode. This gun has a pretty good range and is pretty simple. I've actually found a way in which you can mod it to shoot multiple shots.

Enjoy these pictures and post positive comments so that I can make them better before posting.




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    5 Discussions

    Skill Master

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the nice comments, anyway, these are meant to be noob guns, they are made to be fast and easy to assemble.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i agree with both DJ and geodez. these are beginner's guns, yes, but they don't need to be posted, because, although 7 years ago, they would be considered genius, today they are lame, terrible and to be made fun of. so don't bother posting them. nice try, though, better luck next time.

    DJ Radio

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Seriously? You didn't even bother looking at other guns to find out the standards of our time?