Gerbil - a Yo-yo Trick Along With "Skin the Cat"

Introduction: Gerbil - a Yo-yo Trick Along With "Skin the Cat"

About: Video clips are produced by yo-yo performer Luke Renner. Compilations represent over 18 years of performance experience from the streets of Berlin to the coasts of California. Currently in production is a se...

Gerbil - a yo-yo trick. The gerbil is a yo-yo trick that is found in competition. It is more often referred to as "skin the gerbil". Which is an idiom spin-off of "skin the cat". However; the phrase "there are many ways to skin a gerbil" will probably never be heard outside a circle of yo-yo players. In either case neither gerbils or cats are in danger. Yo-yos used in the trick demo by Yoyofactory and Jack Russell. Music and images used are in the public domain.

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