Skinny Chevron Friendship Bracelet




So, this is an instructable on how to make a skinny Chevron friendship bracelet. I searched it up online, but most of the videos/instructables I found were for the thick Chevron bracelets. This is more kid friendly and I hope you like it :)

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Step 1: Step One: Picking Your Colors & Starting the Bracelet Knot

For this bracelet, you will only need three lengths (about 165cm) of embroidery thread/thin string.

After picking and cutting your thread, line them all up so that it's all an equal length. Drape the thread over a pencil or pen and make it equal again.

Tie it with a double knot. (This will make it a loop bracelet when you're done).

Step 2: Step Two: Starting the Pattern

After completing step one, tape or secure your loop knot onto a hard surface or a pillow. All that really matters is that you have all 6 strands separate.

Make sure that the two outside strands are the same color as well as the next two pairs of string.

Loop the outside string around the next color of thread, do it twice. Repeat for the next color as well and then repeat with the second set of threads.

Loop the two outside strings together (makes the diamond shape).

Step 3: Step Three: Ending the Bracelet

So after making your bracelet the desired length, knot all the threads together (however many times you want, just make sure there's still enough thread for another knot!)

Add a bead after your knots, and make another two knots (make sure they're tight!) before cutting off the excess thread.

You now have a skinny Chevron friendship bracelet :)

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    2 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    I love friendship bracelets! Thanks for sharing this :)


    Fun little craft project. I am going to have make these with my daughter.