Candy Skull Corpse Bride





Introduction: Candy Skull Corpse Bride

Who wants to marry the undead me?

Step 1: Foundation Work

Simple costume paint, white around face and black around eyes.

Step 2: Eye Detail

Finish nose and bring out the red to highlight the eyes

Step 3: Adding Detail

Keep adding hearts, flowers, whatever symbols you want to complete the candy skull look

Step 4: Skull and Dead Flower Headdress

Pick up a thick heavy duty headband, feathers, plastic flowers and skulls... get out your hot glue gun and don't stop till it looks deadly enough to wear to your own All Hallows' Eve Wedding.

Step 5: Top Half Bride

Complete top half with corset and dead flower decorations 

Step 6: Complete Skull Candy Bride Minus Heels

Sexy  it up as much as you want to, nobody will know it's you... ya right.

Step 7: Time to Pose

Everyone will want to take a picture with you... make sure you don't smile as corpse brides have their lips sewn shut.

Step 8: Select a Corpsemaid-of-honor

Time to take the final walk into Halloween Party immortality...

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    7 Discussions

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

    Just a small recomendation, the name isnt candy skull. A candy skull is a calaverita de Azucar.
    This facepaint is a Catrina.
    And yes i'm Mexican and live in Mexico to make this correction.

    Thanks scoochmaroo your gorgeous... I added a step showing more detail regarding the headdress.

    Cooool. Are the bones on your legs painted on under the fishnets, or are they part of the tights?

    Needed two pairs... first pair is costume hosiery with bones already on them, second pair over top are the fishnets.