Skull Door Frame Entrance Decoration




How to make an epic custom entrance for your door.

Step 1: Materials

1. Spray Foam

2. White Spray Paint

3. Black Spray Paint

4. Ivory Spray Paint

5. Spare Wood

6. Textured Stone Rustoleum Spray Paint

7. Small Plastic Skulls (100)

8. 3 Large Plastic Skulls

Step 2: Layout

Arrange layout.

Step 3: Apply Foam to Wood As Seen Here

Work quickly, about 5 mins until it sets. Leave for about 30 min to one Hour and then you can either paint the entire thing as one, or you can pop the skull out and paint them separately.

Step 4: Customize Skulls

Paint Skulls to add contrast against stone look... Even coats of white followed by Ivory.



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    4 months ago

    This is actually very rad! Would love to have a gothic inspired mirror in my house Halloween or not.