Skull Lamp




You want a creepy lamp to light up your halloween nights? This is your project!

You will need!:

  • No baking clay.
  • A clean pot.
  • Red candles.
  • Molding tools.
  • Water.
  • Fake nails and scissors.
  • Black eye shadow and a make up brush. (Optional.)

Step 1: Let´s Begin!

  1. Cut the clay in strips.
  2. Apply the stips on the pot and go tapping and pressing until it´s all covered.
  3. Wet your fingers with water an smooth the surface.

Step 2: Create the Holes

  1. With a toothpick trace the main lines of the skull desing.
  2. Remove the clay from the eyes, the nose and the mouth.

Step 3: Sculpting Time!

  1. Mold the clay in little tubes with your hands.
  2. Place them around the eyes and the nose.

Step 4:

  1. Create 2 little balls.
  2. Place them next to the nose.

Step 5:

  1. Add a tube of clay down the eyes.
  2. And one big tube under the nose.

Step 6: Prepare and Add the Tooth.

  1. Take the nails.
  2. Cut them in the right shape.
  3. Place them on the mouth.

Step 7:

  1. Smooth the surface with the sculpting tool.
  2. Let it dry at least 24 hours.

When the clay is dry, it will be cracked, witch is perfect for halloween!

Step 8: Let´s Decorate!

  1. With the black eye shadow, paint around the eyes, the nose and down the bones.
  2. Take a candle and let the hot wax fall over the top of the pot.

PD: The nice thing of adding wax its that it will be moving and falling if you put a candle inside.

Step 9: Add a Candle or a Light!! and You Are Done!



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    5 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    That looks great! Your work with the clay is great and the fingernaiil teeth are the perfect touch :)