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My friend has a skull coffee mug in daily use.

He seems to like it very much.

So, I tought that he should have a spoon that fits to that same theme.

Material is a regular 18/10 stainless teaspoon.

Used Dremel 4000 with flexshaft for shaping.

Dremel tungsten carbide cutters 9910 (dull speartip) and 9903 (barrel shape)

Speartip diamond tip and felt disk.

Torch for heating.

Video shows the process.

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Step 1: Start..

I started by drawing simple guidelines with marker, vertical centerline and horizontal forehead 1/3 from the top.

I carved a groove to the "forehead / eye " line using barrel shaped tungsten carbide cutter (9903).

Then i carved the nose, and started to shape teeths and gums with speartip tungsten carbide cutter (9910)

For the eyes i carved holes with that same bit, i like its easier to "carve" than drill this kind of holes,.

You need to shape them anyway after drilling, so i decided to skipp the whole drilling part.

I use 20-25k rpm for rough carving, specially at the surface, i like bits are easier to handle then.

Step 2: Continued..

Before finishing, i coloured the skull with heat.

That way i could easier to see where i need to smoothen.

It also makes surface little softer, if there's happened somekind of work-hardening. ( usually it hardens only if your cutters are dull.)

I was going to colour it anyway, so that didn't do no harm.

I did smoothening with speartip diamond tip using slow-moderate speed.

Some decorating with cutter 9910...

Step 3: Finished..

Heated with torch until i got desired colour to it. I let the spoon cool down slowly in the air.
If its cooled in the water, colour usually darkens.

I use dremel versaflame, but any other torch goes as well.

Polished some parts with felt, and then it was done.

Whole process took something like hour.

Thanks for checking this out.

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    1 year ago

    Cool! I think to take sugar with this teaspoon it's funny , put us on notice that sugar is actually killing))


    2 years ago

    Wow wow wow! Nice work! I wish I were more confident with a Dremel!