Skull With Flashing Eyes




Introduction: Skull With Flashing Eyes

For robotics class, we needed to make a Halloween decoration with flashing LEDs. This is a cheap project that will cost you less than $10 and is really easy to build! This will make a good Halloween decoration for your house.

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Step 1: Parts and Equipment

To make this project, you will need:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Wire Cutters
  • Safety Goggles

Step 2: The LED Kit

The first thing you need to do is assemble the LED kit. This is the only time you will need to solder. The instructions should explain everything you need to do. Do not do step five yet. You will have to assemble the LEDs later in the project.

On step six, instead of installing the included battery holder, use the battery holder that we bought for this project and use that one instead.

Step 3: The Skull

Once you are done building and soldering the LED kit without the LEDs, you will need to open up the skull so you could put the electronics inside the skull.

Cutting a hole big enough to fit the LED kit inside of the back of the head will do the job. You will also need to use a drill to make holes inside of the eyes of the skeleton for the LEDs.

Also, make sure to put in batteries before putting the LED kit inside the skull.

Step 4: Installing the LED Kit Inside the Skull

Now you are ready to put your LEDs in. Connect the breadboard wires to the circuit and feed them through the eyes first. After that, attach the LEDs to the wires that are sticking out of the eyes. Make sure to place the LED's longer lead into the red wire.

Step 5: Done!

Once you've stuffed the whole LED kit inside of the skull, you are done! All you need to do is turn it on from the battery holder.

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    Nice. Make you own light up Halloween prop. It is always better when you make it yourself.