Skull Make Up (Girl)

Hello everyone,

Here I'm gonna help you to make this Skull make-up.

It's very easy with this tutorial so i hope you liked it.

All you need for this are:

-White facepaint

-Black facepaint

-A eyebrow pencil

-Some make-up brushes

-A model (hehe)

That's all you need!

Step 1: Make Your Face White

Make your face white with a white facepaint.
I used the white facepaint from Grimas.

Step 2: Draw the Lines

Draw the lines of the skull.

I used for this a black eyeliner.

Step 3: Fill in the Eyes and the Mouth

Fill the mouth, nose and the eyes with black facepaint.

I used grimas black facepaint.

Then you need to powder it with black eyeshadow.

It stays longer with it.

Step 4: Make the Tooth

Make the tooth more realistic to draw a shape of the tooth.

I used a black eyepencil and I swaped it out with a eyeshadow brush.

Step 5: Add 'eyebrow Bones'

Add above the eyes a shape of the bones.

I draw the lines with a black eyepencil and swapped it out with a eyeshadow brush.

The eyebrow bones makes you skull more reallistic.

Step 6: Finished!

This is the end product!

Hope you liked it.

Step 7: Here Is a Video

Thanks for watching!
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If you used this tutorial can you make a picture of it and share it with me on instagram.

That would be nice!

xx TamaraDrawings



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