Skull Make Up

Hello everyone,

Here I'm gonna help you to make this Skull make-up.

It's very easy with this tutorial so i hope you liked it.

All you need for this are:

-White facepaint

-Black facepaint

-A eyebrow pencil

-Some make-up brushes

-A model (hehe)

That's all you need!

Step 1: Use White Facepaint

First you need to do is to color the whole face with white facepaint.

I used Grimas Face paint in the color white.

Step 2: Make the Lines of the Nose, Mouth and Eyes

For the second step i used a eyeliner.

It's very dark so you can make really sharp lines.

I make by the eyes circles on the bone structure.

Step 3: Make the Bone Structure

Then you need to make the bone structure on the right and the left side of the head.

It's a tricky thing to do because it's difficult to make the both sides the same.

Step 4: Color the Face in With Black Make Up

Then you fill your lines in with black facepaint.

I used Grimas face paint in the darkest black.

And i add some shadows with my black eyebrow pencil by the eyes.

Step 5: Make the Teeth

Now I make stripes for the teeth.

Then I shade the lines away to make it more realistic.

And I add a cut in the chin.

Step 6: Make Shadow

Here I make the shadow on the teeth.

I used the eyebrow pencil to do this.

Step 7: Make the Shadow of the Bone

You can add more shadow behind the jaws.

It make it more realistic.

Step 8: Add More Shadow

Add more shadow above the mouth and the eyes.

I used for this my eyebrow pencil and shade it with a small make-up brush.

Step 9: I Have Here the Full Tutorial

Thanks for watching!

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xx TamaraDrawings



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