Sky Hub SR101 Modification Fix


Introduction: Sky Hub SR101 Modification Fix

Sky Hub sr101
Well in this video we take a look at the new Sky Hub. This has to be worst wireless router given out by the top 6 broadband providers in the UK today. Not only is it limited by poor antenna design it is  severely crippled by the built in power supply and its lack of shielding. I have no idea how this router made it through to production and to top it off if you are an existing customer they will charge you £59.99 for something that disconnects more times than it stays connected.



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    Does anyone know if theres a way to use this and change settings (subnet etc) without a broadband connection as it having a built in PSU is handy for onsite testing

    But if I access the routers web page it just tells me there is no broadband connection and to contact sky with no apparent way to get into the settings

    Hi Guys, has anyone a list/location to buy required parts or part numbers?

    After a few false starts in obtaining the necessary parts I have made this modification fix. I now have a more stable stronger WiFi signal :)

    This is an excellent guide, well constructed and very clear. From a personal point of view I'd like to get a little more info on where the parts were obtained. I'd loved to do this mod but I'm struggling to find approriate dipole aerials connectors. Other than that, very good.

    Excellent guide, with some great information. Thanks alot for this, i knew it was a crap router.

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