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Introduction: Sky the Dog

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Wow okay, I haven't been on Instructables in ages! And lately I haven't really been doing any worthwhile crafts, but I wanted to post something.

So here is that something.

For people who don't know Sky the Dog is my mascot for this account.

Step 1: One Year Ago...

This is from approximately one year ago... Yeah, practicing makes a difference... Keep practicing, guys.

Step 2: Preparing the Drawing

Okay, do I even need to add captions for this, or can you just follow the pictures? I don't really know how to describe this. Draw a circle, and add a distorted cross shape. We will be erasing this later.

Step 3: FACE

Draw the face now. And the neck. All of that good stuff.

Step 4: Tuxedo

Draw his tuxedo now, because Sky is a secret agent dog. I came up with this a long time ago, don't judge me.

Step 5: Outlining

Outline Sky with a pen, and then erase the pencil marks.

Step 6: Coloring the Dog

Color Sky accordingly-

-His fur is yellow

-His tux, tie, eyes, eyebrows, and nose are black

-The inside of his ears and his tongue is pink

After you do that, then you are done! Congratulations. Comment a picture in the comment section if you draw him.

Also, tell me what you want to see some Instructables on!

Have a good day!

~Sky Productions



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3 Discussions

Both are great, though I actually like the cartoon-y style of your first one :3

Wow! Your drawing has gotten smoother since that time! (I'm ChipzAhoyMcCoy) Long time, no see!

Wow! This looks great! Your pencil strokes are very smooth, steady and gentle, showing that you are a confident and practiced artist. The pen strokes are even and I guess you could say "graceful", and the coloring is solid, not a single over-saturated patch. Nice job!