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Introduction: Skylanders Swap Force Party

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Skylanders round 2. My youngest son, Kaiden is turning 4 and he decided he wanted a Skylanders Swap Force party. We just did a skylanders party for his brother back in December so I tried to convince him to choose something else but he wouldnt budge, so here we go again.

We went with Swap Force this time so we could do something a little different than the last one and be a little more current.

The Plan
Party will be at a local park= free and lots of space
Party will have 8 games= one for each element
Said games will be a mix of play as you please and organized play= not as much structure
Will collect little element magnet at each game for reward to use at final game= purpose

The Break Down
step 1: make and print invitations
step 2: make and print game signs
step 3: make and print banner
step 4: make and print cake topper
step 5: fire game
step 6: earth game
step 7: water game
step 8: air game
step 9: undead game
step 10: life game
step 11: magic game
step 12: tech game
step 13: results


computer, printer, paper, ink
scissors, tape, string/yarn, hole puncher
8 signs on stakes like garage sale signs at dollar tree
toothpicks, skewers or cake pop sticks
small plastic pool
hula hoop
bubble solution
plenty of play coins
a few pool noodles
cardboard, paint, hot glue
ping pong balls
helium tank
water balloons
punching balloons
empty 20 oz bottles
supplies listed in magnet game 'ible

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Step 1: Invitations

First thing you will want to do is edit the Skylander's Swap Force logo to say your child's name and party instead of swap and force. I used photoshop and have attached my PS files to help you have a base to edit from. If you have problems or questions on how to do this, just message or comment and I'll help you out.

After making the logo, you'll need to substitute it in on the invitations in place of mine. Again, I have attached the PS files. Then edit the rest of the invitation to match your needs.

Print as many as you will need, cut them apart, and hand them out.

Now available for purchase on Etsy if you would like me to edit them for you.

Step 2: Game Signs

The signs are already designed and ready to go assuming you play the same games we did. 

Print each one full page.
Print the pockets sheet full page.
Cut out each of the pockets
Tape the bottom, left, and right sides of a pocket to its corresponding poster. This is where you will put the element magnets for each game for the kids to get after playing.
Attach each poster to a sign with a stake for easy posting.

Step 3: Banner

The banner was a centerpiece in my decorations. I enlarged the element symbols to take up as much area of a piece of paper as possible. All 8 are posted here. Print them out preferably on photopaper or card stock because its thicker than normal paper. Cut them out and punch a hole in the center edge on both sides of each element( right and left side). Cut short lengths of string to insert through the holes to tie one element to the next. String along 4 of the elements. In the middle of the banner I put a circle that had my child's photo and the photoshopped logo(see photo). Again I have attached the photoshop file for editing. String along this part next and then string along the remaining 4 elements. Tie a long length of string to the first and last element to use to hang the banner up. 

Step 4: Cake Topper

This part is easy. Just print your logo nice a big to fit your cake, cut it out, and tape skewers to the back to make it stand tall and stick into the cake.

Type out your child's name is pincoyablack font nice and big, fill the page. Print it out, cut out each letter, and tape tooth picks to the back of each to insert into the cake. Arrange them so the a, i, and e sit a little higher than the others to match the font layout.

For a super simple cake, just stick in the toppers and a skylander figure or 2.

Step 5: Fire Game

Our Fire game is Baton Tag.

This is an organized play game.

I saw this game is action at my son's school for field day and the kids and teachers looked like they had a blast playing it. Divide into multiple small teams. Maybe 2 or 3 per team. You will need a noodle for each team. 

Cut off a little from the end of each noodle.
Cut the little piece in half.
Cut the 2 halves in half length wise to make a flat side.
Use these to mark the perimeter of the play area.

Set up a perimeter. Mark it with noodle pieces spaced around evenly. Designate one mark for each team.
Line up each team behind a mark and give the first player in line a noodle.
At the start of the game, the players with the noodles will all enter the perimeter and try to tag the other players out. Do this by hitting them with the noodle on the legs. No shots above the waist count, only legs. This keeps the game safe.
When a player is tagged, he/she returns to their team and passes the noodle to the next player in line before getting in the end of the line. Play continues like this until a predetermined time or until you get bored.

This is a fun game with no winner. After playing the game, each player will collect a fire element magnet from the sign. 

Step 6: Earth Game

Our earth game is a Treasure Hunt.

This is a really simple, play as you please game. Find a nice area of sand and bury a good number of play coins throughout.
Toss in some sand tools like shovels and rakes and sifters.
Post the sign and let the kids dig as they please.
After trying the game, they can collect an earth element magnet from the sign.

Step 7: Water Game

Our water game is Ship Defender.

This is an organized play game.

I made a cardboard stand of a pirate ship from skylanders using the reference photo below.
Just hot glue broken down boxes together until you get it to the size you want if you dont have one big enough
Draw the ship, paint it and cut it out. Then cut a strong piece of cardboard, fold the end and hot glue it to the ship for a kick stand.

Set up the ship somewhere with area all around it.
The players will be "in" the ship, while the parents are out side the ship.
The parents will be attacking pirates and start bombarding the ship with "cannon balls" aka throw ping pong balls over the ship cut out while the players defend the ship by quickly picking up the balls and throwing them back at the parents.

This continues until a predetermined time or until boredom.

This is fun cooperative game with no winner.

After the game, each player will collect a water element magnet from the sign.

Step 8: Air Game

Our air game is Sky Surfing
This is a play as you please game.

This "game" is making use of our surroundings. At the park the party was held, there is a zip line type thing where kids hand from a handle and glide from one side of the equipment to the other. Just post the sign right by this contraption and done.

If you don't have such as easy option, you can just do a pinata instead.

Step 9: Undead Game

Our Undead game is Punch Out.

This is a play as you please game.

Collect several empty 20 oz bottles. Put a little sand in each one for some weight. Set them up in a row spaced out a bit.
Set some punching balloons a few feet away.
Players use the punching balloons to knock the bottles over.

Players collect an undead element magnet from the poster after playing.

Step 10: Life Game

Our Life game is Ninja Gauntlet

This is a play as you please game.

This one should be a great crowd pleaser.

Inflate several balloons with helium
Tie lengths of string to each balloon.
Tie some sort of weight to the other end of each string. We used slightly filled water balloons.

Set the balloons on the ground spaced out a little within a small area.

Players will ninja fight their way through the gauntlet.

We used green balloons to be chompies to fit the theme.

Step 11: Magic Game

Our magic game is the Human Bubble.

This is a play as you please game.

Pour bubble solution into a small plastic pool,
Sit a hula hoop in the pool.

Players will use the hula hoop to make giant bubbles over themselves.

Players will collect a magic element magnet from the poster after playing.

Step 12: Tech Game

Our tech game is a magnet game.

This is a play as you please game

Follow the ible on how to make these here:

Players have been collecting magnets at every game. This is where they use them. For the last game players collect the last element magnet: tech, and put them all in the magnet game, grab a magnet, and take it home as a party favor.

Step 13: Extras

My son's aunt made the great cake and the awesome cake pops pictured here.

I made the Free Kraken pinata. Instructable coming soon.

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