Skyrim Blade of Woe + Weapon Plaque

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Hello everyone!

Today I will be showing you how to make a cheap, quick, and easy skyrim prop, the Blade of Woe.

I recently got into Skyrim, and I love it! Especially the Dark Brotherhood questline. So I decided to try out making a wooden prop. I started with making a cardboard one to test the looks, and then decided to make it out of wood.

I don't have much experience with wood and didn't have an airbrush to paint it. (The original has lots of shades, and thats hard to do with a brush)

This blade is usefull for playing outside with, since I wanted a melee for Nerf wars with my friends.

Step 1: Materials

  • wooden plate
  • paint blue + purple + gray (I didn't have it, but it makes it better)
  • saw/figure saw
  • brown tape
  • cardboard
  • red paper or cloth
  • black or any colour of tape (plaque edges)
  • Dremel/ sandpaper

Step 2: Measurements + Cardboard Prop

I started with googling a image of the blade of woe and looked for the real life sizes, I couldn't find those so I decided to make one that fits my hand perfectly.

The measurements in the picture are in cm. As base measurement I used the size of the handle to be able to fit my hand.

I painted the cardboard with Revell model paint. (Didn't have any other points)

Then I wrapped the handle in brown tape. Unfortunately I lost the tape when I was near finishing the wooden prop, so I had to put black tape on that one.

Step 3: Weapon Plaque

Simple, trace the shape on cradboar, cut it out.

I used book wrapping paper to make the red, black tape to line the edges.

Then I added magnets to the cardboard prop and the plaque to make it attachable.

Step 4: Wooden Prop

I used the shape of the cardboard prop to make the wooden prop. I simply traced it on the wood and cut it.

Then I used a dremel tool to sharpen the edges and corners.

Step 5: Painting

I used Revell paint. First gray as a base. Then blue to cover the edges(I had no purple paint, and spilled most of the blue paint by accident :-[ )

Step 6: Finished!

All done!

Have fun with your prop and leave a comment to say what you think.

remember that this is my first wood prop and I don't have much experience with painting.

Also see my nerf site



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