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About: At the moment, most of my instructables are from Skyrim, but I am currently working on several from bioshock (original and infinite) and one large one from Unreal Tournament: a life size replica flak cannon ...


Step 1: Materials

-perler beads (black and white)
-square perler base
-perler paper (not wax paper, that will melt)

Step 2: Place Beads Onto Plate

Use the pattern form the picture to set up the beads. My setup is a reasonable size and needed two bases to make.

Step 3: Iron Piece

Use the perler paper and follow directions on package to fuse your piece. DO NOT USE WAX PAPER, the stuff melts and stick onto your piece, ruining your creation, iron and base.

Step 4: Attach to Door

This pattern has handy insets below the arrow if you want to use tacks to hole it up, but otherwise, if you're like me and don't want holes in your door, use tape to fasten it in place.



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