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First off, let me explain, if you've read any of my other posts you'll know I make helmets, I was gonna try and stop and start on something else, well I have( sort of) I started this a while ago, but I have started other things which aren't helmets ( and to be honest I've started other helms too! But I'm ok with it! )
anyways this is the mark2 ( but really it's mark3, I did one for my friend joey24dirt ) this is a refined, smarter version of the first lid, with the detail of the second lid, also I've tried to do this one as simple as possible for anyone that wants to make one, please enjoy:-

Step 1: Some Stuff

Tools and bits and bobs your going to need and have time on your side!:-

-Card (I use 200msg card stock,I've come to find it's the best )

-Printer/computer (running pepakura viewer/designer, it's a free program just google it and you'll find it ok)

-The file you want to make ( easily found if you google skyrim pepakura files, there loads on the net, you just got to find what you want)

-knife ( Stanley/x-acto/sissors, whatever your happy using)

-glue ( I use normal superglue, but you can use pva or hot glue, anything you're happy using)

-fiberglass kit( you only need the resin/hardner)


-sandpaper/orbital sander (dermel tool)


-milliput( apoxy two part putty stuff)


-a few bits and bobs I've probably forgot! (Sorry)



-more coffee

Step 2: Pepakura

As with all the others you start with the pep file, for this I modifided the pepakura file, I made it 20% smaller, then printed it out on 200msg card,

I score all the folds before cutting out and when I do cut out I use a Stanley knife, I'm confident with that knife, it doesn't flex like a x-acto and it's too slow with sissors,

After cutting out your bits, match up the two numbers for every piece, slowly you'll make up the helmet like a jigsaw, and you'll end up with this!

Step 3: Glassing

After your happy with your finished pepakura build, it's time to make it strong!

Here's what I do, first off I fiberglass the helm, I normally do one coat of just the resin on the inside, then two on the outside, follow the instruction on the resin bottle to make your mix, then just paint it on the helmet( outside or in a well ventilated area!), you have to work fast as this stuff goes off quick!

Step 4: Bondo/sanding

This part takes the most time I think, after your fiberglassing has cured , it's time to use bondo to cover the helmet,
I mix small amounts at a time and start at the front and just keep working till the full helmet is covered in a thin (ish) layer of bondo, trying to keep it as smooth as possible to make the next step a little easier
Which takes me to the next step, sanding! This takes time, you can use sandpaper or a orbital sander or a dremel tool or whatever you want to get the finish you want!

I use a orbital sander to get it smooth to a point I can then use just sandpaper to work out the kinks and make it more refined, I then use a dremel to get into the hard bits and I also use the dremel to put in some basic detail like scratches and dents

( also in this bit you'll see on the inside of the lid I added multiput all around the edge and across the nose on the inside, I noticed on my other helmet there was a lot of flex and wanted to reduce that, I did this before fiberglassing but to be honest you could do this anytime, or not if you didn't want too)

Step 5: Horns Prep Work

This time with the horns I wanted to do them different, here's what I did
With the pepakura horns not attached to the main helmet, i wanted to wrap them to look like a proper animal horn, I used apoxy putty to wrap the horns, mixing the putty in stages and rolling it out as thin as possible then wrapping the horns from the tip to the base, warning!! This is a long process! Like stupid long! It took me two days to make them look right! I'm not sure this is the best way, but I have to work within my means and this is what I could afford,

After wrapping and they've gone hard, I painted them with white gloss twice, then I use walnut wood stain to make the detail pop, using a small brush to paint the stain into the horns and get into all the little bits

Step 6: Planning and Coffee and Detail!

Now , over my time of doing helmets, the bit I really enjoy seems to change depending on the lid, this is the 3rd Nordic helmet I've done and this bit I enjoy the most,
I wanted the helmet to look plain from the front, but I wanted the back to be detailed, really detailed, it's a step away from the game helmet but it's up to you what you want it to look like, I've already done a game accurate lid so I decided this one would be a bit different but still within the realm of skyrim,
Make yourself a coffee and set to work planning out how you want it to be with a pen, once your happy, I used the two part apoxy rolled out and placed onto the lid, I then wet my fingers to "sculpt" it into a better line, making it come to a point all the way round and also matching the dents and scratches as I go, it all helps to do it now before paint

Step 7: Paint

Once I've left it over night to set, I paint on a coat of silver metal paint, ( 2 coats if needed) then dry, then I use a black gloss and a rag, I get the black paint into all the corners and detailed bits, then when it's still wet I remove as much as possible, but leaving in the corners to make it weathered, I also use some browns and other colours to help it look aged!

Step 8: Final Build,

Wow only 8 steps ! I'm getting better!

Well we are almost there, your helmets painted and looking good, the horns are ready to go, it's time to thread the horns into the helmet from the inside, then when you have them in a nice spot, I tape the inside so they don't move while I use e6000 glue( or hotglue) to stick them in place, you might have a few gaps which is fine, use some of the mulliput apoxy to fill the gaps and smooth out, this will also help stead the horns and make them bond with the lid.

Step 9: And Done!

Everything set? Good stuff!

Remove the tape from the inside and make sure there set firm!
Right you got a bit of tidying up to do on the horns, same as before, paint silver, dry, then black and rag it off, while you have the black out, paint the inside of the helmet black,once that's dry a little bit of thin foam on the inside just to make it more comfy to wear!
I then clear coat the outside with a few coats of spray satin or mat varnish, and that's it! Your done, and a proud owner of your very own Nordic skyrim helmet!

Thanks for having a look, I have tried to cover everything that I did in this build, but if you think I've missed anything please leave a question, and I'll try answering as best I can!

Happy building folks!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    I'm sorry it was a while ago, not sure if it's still a link, try the Rpf.Com


    Reply 2 years ago

    hi matson23 you can giveme the link for download this model in pepakura??? or pdf??


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Красотень)))) спасибо большое а можно узнать поподробней???


    4 years ago

    This helmet looks really realistic! Good job

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Looks amazing! Is "apoxy" a special substance, or do you mean "epoxy?"

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you, and no, I'm just a bad speller Haha, I mean epoxy ?

    daddy wipz0

    4 years ago

    great designs. gonna get my geek on! im new to the pep stuff. I'd like to try the helmet from the new dredd film. hint.

    2 replies
    matson23daddy wipz0

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks man, I've seen a bunch of dredd pep stuff, and it looks like a good one to start with of your new to it, not to taxing, good luck with it dude would love to see some pictures when your done!

    daddy wipz0matson23

    Reply 4 years ago

    sound man I'll have to check it out. just in the process of acquiring all the bits. I'll post some pic once underway. cheers bud


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm planning to make a pepakura orcish bow (120cm/48 inches long) but I absolutely hate fiberglass.. Would it be possible to just coat it in two or three layers of the resin (it's resin, right?) that comes with the fibreglass mats and then paint it and voilà?

    I'm not planning to put much stress on the bow (I'll be carrying it around during a con) but I might accidentily drop it or bump into people.

    So my question is: will applying 2-3 coats of resin make my bow sturdy enough?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I think if your taking it to a con, I would either, glue wooden inserts into it ( like 3 mm strips of ply ) then glass over them on the inside, or build it up, resin it, then expanding foam on the inside ( very messy if it's goes wrong!) or just bite the bullet and fiberglass it, I've never built a bow from card, but I should imagine it'll want to flex and move a bit, also when you put a bit of tension on it with the bow string, even of it is just for show and not tight, it could snap the bow, good luck with what you decide to do! I hope it works out!


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey putor,
    The one I have isn't a PDF, its a pdo, its a file that works in pepakura viewer, you can download pepakura viewer for free of you google " pepakura viewer" and click the top link, once you have the viewer, go to or just search skyrim Nordic helmet pepakura file, you should find a pdo file for it pretty easy, ( you might have to join a file sharing group called 4share, but it's legit so don't worry) once you've downloaded it, open it in pepakura viewer and your ready to go! Print and get started!

    If I could put the file on here for you I would but unfortunately I can't, sorry, anyway I hope that helps.