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Step 1: Why Make a Salt Pile?

After my first play through of Skyrim, my Dad decided he wanted to do the same. As he was figuring out the game, I told him how valuable salt was, because it was an ingredient and you needed it for cooking, so he began collecting them. Of course, he didn't like alchemy, so he never actually used one. By the end if the game, salt collecting had become an obsession and he has 634 piles in a chest. For Christmas this year, I thought it would be a funny supremes to make him this. I doubt any of you have the same connection to salt piles as I do, but it can still be a fun replica of a common item in the game.

Step 2: Order/Purchase Bowl

As I always do, I got my bowl from almighty amazon. Basically, I looked for a wooden brown about the same size, and found that a miso soup bowl was about right.

Step 3: Prepare Bowl

1) Fill the bowl about halfway with salt. Try to make yours as coarse as possible, and maintain the mound shape as you continue.
2) Fill the bowl with water just past the top of the salt. Although some will dissolve, most will stay in the mound.

Step 4: Evaporate

Store he bowl in a dry place until all the water is gone. The salt should have cemented to itself, and to this bowl. If not, refill with water and repeat.

Step 5: Display!



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4 years ago

It has state together pretty well without that. Even humid weather only slightly crumbled it.


4 years ago on Introduction

I wonder if carefully spraying a clear coating of varnish/shellac would preserve it with no worries of it being damaged if you wanted to keep it around