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Introduction: Skyrim Wood Carved Weapons

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Skyrims iron war axe and iron sword recreated out of wood. To scale... More or less. Only cost about $10 for a piece of knotty pine shelf board, a small can of dark walnut stain, and can of clear coat of varethane.

Step 1: Template

First make the templates. Found online and printed out on multiple sheets to a pretty accurate scale. Then glued together on harder paper and cut out.

Step 2: Cut

Trace the shape out on to a board. And then cut the outline out with a band saw.

Step 3: Plan It Out

Mark the details out so you know where to carve and how deep to make them.

Step 4: Carve and Shape

Time to patiently carve and shape all the details. I used mostly hand files and chisels and a bit of the bandsaw. Afterwards sanded everything down by hand, started with 60 grit and finished with 220.
To make the two small rivet circles on the war axe I used a hole saw with the centre drill bit removed. Cut in half with a bandsaw and then sanded by hand. Attached with glue.

Step 5: Finish

To finish the project I used two coats of dark walnut stain. Three coats of clear varethane wood finish, a quick sand with 320 grit. And one final coat of clear.



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    Could you share a template to print and the measure of the axe please


    So cool!!

    (and i dont even play skyrim)

    So cool!!

    (and i dont even play skyrim)

    Looks amazing. could you tell me the link where i could get the prints for both weapons though?

    A little hammered metallic paint on the metal areas and it would look forged. Outstanding carving.

    Well done!

    These are awesome my friend they would go great with the armor I made :)

    This is amazing!! And I love how cheap it is!!


    3 years ago

    Great job ! Your work is as beautiful as the game !

    These are really impressive! I love the way they turned out. Very cool!