Skyrim Deadric Helmet

this helmet is a AWESOME prop for a skyrim movie or expo or just to have fun with!

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Step 1: Make the Frame

I am using images from the guy at for this project.

Make a little frame to fit on your head. This will be the base for all the attachments. Make it a bit bigger then your actual head.

Step 2: Add a Mouth Thing

add a mouth thing.

Step 3: Put a Helmet Thing On

Step 4: Cardboard the Back

stylise the back of your awesome helmet!

Step 5: Put 6 Horns on

Super glue 6 horns on the helmet like in the picture and then your ready to paper mâché.

Step 6: Paper Mâché

do the paper mâché and before you do that bulk up the horns with paper and masking tape.

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