Slab Thickness Sticks for Clay



Introduction: Slab Thickness Sticks for Clay

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I wanted a way to have consistent slabs without having a slab roller. Using only these sticks, and a rolling pin.

Materials Needed

Wood of varying thickness- I Chose 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 inch thick wood boards from my local store.



Safety Gear

Step 1: Set Your Bandsaw and Cut the Wood

I decided on about 3/4 inch wide for the larger piece and i strip cut it using the band saw.

The narrower pieces, I just cut down the middle.

Step 2: Label If You Like

They are ready to roll!

Just slab out some clay and roll the rolling pin over the tops of the two wood pieces and you will have an even thickness. The clay between the boards should be the same as the board height.

Happy Handbuilding!

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