Slackline Stand

For my upcoming vacation I thought it would be handy to have a stand for my slackline ,in case I can't find a decent tree.

These stands are reasonably easy to make, It only took me a day to make these while working on this instructable.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials I used are:
4X wood 760X90X40mm
2X M8 bolt
2X washers
2X bolts M8X90mm
2X  rope about 1M

Step 2: Marking Holes

Setup the stand so you can mark where the two beams meet.
Next mark the middle (see the pictures) so you know where to drill.
You only have to mark one of the beams, we will use this as a template in the next step.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Now that you know where to drill you need to find the appropriate drill.
When you have found the right drill you can start drilling your template.

Step 4: Marking Holes 2

In this step I marked where I would like the rope to go. 
Don't have to explain much I guess just look at the pictures.

Step 5: Drilling Holes 2

First find a drill a bit thicker tan your rope.
Then when you found the right drill you can start drilling.

TIP: when you drill through wood and you need the exit hole to look good. Put a piece of scrap wood under the piece of wood you're drilling. See the difference in the last picture

Step 6: Cleaning Up Holes

Use a file to clean the holes you just drilled, put the stands together and go to the next step.

Step 7: Making Rope Part

Tape of the end of the rope and cut the rope where you taped it (see the first picture).
After cutting the rope you need to thread it through the holes and tie a knot in the end.
When you tied your rope make sure the feet of your stand flat on the workbench.
Now mark where rope exits the stand.
The last thing that needs to be done is cut the rope and tie a knot in the end (see the pictures).

Step 8: Making Room for the Slackline

For this step you'll have to look at the pictures.
What I do here is cut out a triangle in each leg so you can put the slackline through the stand.

Step 9: Cleaning Up

Now for the last step it will come down to sanding all cut edges and surfaces.
Make sure you get rid of all those sharp edges.

Step 10: All Done!

Tip when setting up your slackline put a piece of inner bicycle-tube between your slackline and the stand to prevent wear on the slackline.

I hope you learnt something from this instructable and have fun building this stand.
Show how you made them in the comments below!

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    12 Discussions


    5 years ago

    How do the stands keep from falling over, especially when ratcheting the slackline?

    3 replies


    You can ask someone to help you setup the slackline but it's not a problem setting it up by yourself.

    Make sure the slackline is secured on both ends. Put the stands under the slackline (the slackline hanging over the stands will keep them upright). Pull the slackline tight and start ratcheting (but not to tight, you still need to be able to move the stands). Make sure the stands are properly aligned and fully tighten the slackline.

    I must admit it's a bit difficult to set up the first (couple of) time(s).


    Reply 2 months ago

    Hey there! I built these but cannot get the stands to stay upright. I’m guessing there had to be a lot of tension for them to stay up?


    Reply 2 months ago

    Yes indeed. You can try putting the stands at a slight angle so the top of the stands leans more towards the slackline mounting point.


    Answer 1 year ago

    about 60 degrees (as stated in step one). Good luck!


    5 years ago

    Great job! I followed your instructions almost exactly and was slacklining (or trying to) in an hour or two. Thank you!

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Step 10

    This is nice, but I am not sure how you are connecting the slack line to the ground?

    1 reply

    Well in the instructable it's held up by bricks.
    You can use this when you only have ancor points on(or near) the ground. I'll add a photo when I'm back from my vacation