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My name is Siena and I am a Slackamaniac! Slacklining is a balance sport that uses nylon webbing tensioned between two anchor points. I have been slacklining for over two years and I have seen the slackline community grow before my eyes. I have a slackline facebook group called Central Florida Slackline and we currently meet a few times a month. I am going to school for athletic training and due to my eduation I know that the benefits of slacklining are almost endless. Slacklining improves fitness, weight reduction, balance, posture, concentration/focus, proprioception (body spacial orientation). It also strengthens your core, spine, back, stomach-musculature, ankles, knees, and hip joints. Slacklining prevents injuries and can be used to rehabilitate injuries.

There is a rule in many Florida parks in the area that nothing may be attached to trees (no slacklines). It is either very hot or raining outside (not good for slacklining). I also do not have portable mats to bring outside to set up under my slackline so trickier skills like front flips and back flips are not the safest. My idea is to open up an indoor slackline studio in a warehouse (aprox. 3000 sq. ft). This would cost about $1500 per month. I would set up at least four slacklines that cost about $90 per slackline. There are many other additional start up costs. The studio would include two slacklines over a floor full of mats. One slackline would be over a foam pit and the last slackline would be over a trampoline floor. To set up the slacklines indoors, bolts will be installed into the floor used as anchor points to attach the slackline (each anchor is about $1400). Some other equipment will be installed, such as a climbing rope attached to the ceiling and pull up bars for classes such as a bootcamp slackline class. Some other classes that will take place in the studio will include beginner/intermediate/advanced slacklining, slackline and fitness class for children, circus arts class (juggling, hula hooping, contact juggling, club juggling, etc), and yoga class. Thank you for considering my dream to open up my own slackline studio! I hope you are as excited about my idea as I am!


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    3 years ago

    Hey Siena, nice to meet you, my name is Oscar, i really like your idea, also i want to learn slackline, im living in Orlando, exist some way to talk about your project, im not rich and nothing about that LOL, but im interesting in this business opportunity, Thanks.

    my boyfriend and I live in florida and we're at that intermediate stage in slacklining but we're kind of at a standstill with our tricks because we're not looking to hurt ourselves trying new tricks without having a mat or pit to fall into. We're been looking for a place like this for so long so if you go through and open it or even if you find another place like this I think it would be a great idea and would really help beginners get more comfortable on the line. Great idea!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like fun and I admire your ambition to start a studio. Perhaps you could approach already existing fitness studios, like Crossfit or Brown's Gymnastics, to see if they could provide you space. Another place you might get funding is through the website Kickstarter:

    Anyway, good luck to you! Thanks for sharing your dream.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have never seen a slackline before , but would definitely take lessons to learn how to do it!! Thank you for the video!