Slanted Ceiling Closet




Introduction: Slanted Ceiling Closet

Designing & installing a pallet wall closet using closet components from

Step 1: Before Pic: Prep

Prep your closet by removing all pre-existing wire shelving & window moulding. Mark off the wall studs.

Step 2: Harvesting Pallet Wood Boards

Use a Sawzill or reciprocating saw to saw through the nails & separate the boards from their wooden anchor spine. Sand down.

Step 3: Nail Pallet Boards to Wall

Stagger boards on wall for effect, leaving open space behind the drawer unit (the drawers block the open space from being seen)

Step 4: Great Tip: Marking Roof Angle

Mark the angle of your ceiling by leveling your board to be trimmed at 90 degrees to your angle. Trace the slant using a second board held along the angle, as shown. Trim on the mark.

Step 5: Complete Pallet Wall

Fill in any open spaces with pallet wood. In addition, use wood stain in between the cracks to fill in the space completely.

Step 6: Build 6" Closet Base

Mount Closet Components on 6" base build from matching filler strips & mount closet units on top. Measure 14" for the closet depths and 2-3 additional inches for the pallet wall. Begin base there.

Step 7: Closet Angle: Work Along the Angle

Using Shelf Towers to flank the window & center drawers, fashioning hanging space from a rod & shelf & an additional small Shelf Unit, the closet descends in a staggered height along the slope of the ceiling for a symmetrical effect.

Step 8: Window Planter

Add a makeshift planter box using extra pallet boards

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    4 Discussions

    The white shelves on the rustic pallet wood looks awesome! Great design

    DIY KING 00
    DIY KING 00

    3 years ago

    You have got nice taste of decoration....


    3 years ago

    Good idea and perfect implementation. I really like the wooden backing. Thanks for publishing!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This looks really nice. The wood backing looks a lot better than the plain white that most shelves would have.