Slash of Guns N Roses

Introduction: Slash of Guns N Roses

About: I'm a stay home mom to 6children recently married my boyfriend of 17 creative and even made all things and flowers for wedding

Step 1: Materials

1 pair black or blue skinny jeans
1 black leather or pleather jacket
1 black curly wig
1 blue jean jacket
1 old tee shirt
Pair scissors
1 real or fake cigarette
1 guitar
1 slash top hat made from ice cream bucket

Step 2: Cut Sleaves

Cut the sleeves off jean jacket

Step 3: Assemble

Put in the skinny jeans then tee shirt.put black leather jacket with blue jean jacket over it.but on ur wig.

Step 4: Slash Top Hat From Ice Cream Bucket

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Cigarette and a guitar.if you don't have a guitar use a super soaker and be "Splash from Water Guns N Hoses"I hope you enjoy being a rock star for a day.



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    Oh no, those, those, those poor guitars. yall need a multi guitar rack lol but the costume is awesome !

    I'm glad you like slash please vote for him

    simple disguise: $5 with lespaul: $2500 with slash's lespaul: priceless...