Slate Bank





Introduction: Slate Bank

wooden beach

Step 1: Step 1

cut 4 of the 2×4 down to 14 1/2 inchs . And the 1×4 down 18 inchs. Keep 7 2×4 at 72 inchs.

Step 2: Step 2

Take a 72 inch 2×4 and 2 of the 14 1/2 inch. Put them on the floor. Then put 2 of the 1×4 on each end. Use wood glue. To glue them together. And use 2inch wood screws. Your stuff should start to look like my pictures.

Step 3: Step 3

When done. It should look like mine. Now i haven't sand or varnish yet. But, that is my next step.

Step 4:



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    OK. Got it. Nice idea for our camp site. Slat Bench?

    1 reply

    not hard to make. if you need any info. just let me know.