Slate Top Solder Station / Third Hand





Introduction: Slate Top Solder Station / Third Hand


I've been using this piece of slate as a work area for soldering and other hot work. It does a great job of protecting wooden surfaces from burns, but it was very easy to scratch the surface it was on. Slate isn't the most durable stone and it is prone to fracturing if you bang it around. I build this soldering station so most everything i need is all in one spot while further protecting the surface its on and the slate itself. All the parts needed can be found on and i'll provide links below. The design can easily be modified to suit your needs and you most certainly do not need a CNC router to cut out the holes.

Flexible Coolant Lines -

Aligator Clips -

Router Bit -

Magnets -

Clear Coat -

Slate -

Epoxy -



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    Awesome project...and very nice set of wood working tools you have there matey!

    intructable or tools show off >.> Nevertheless you got a gorgeous workshop. congrats!