Slatwall for Shop Fixtures

Slatwall is great for hanging things. If you've been in a retail store, you've seen it as the backing that racks and

fixtures are used to display items.

Recently our local electronics store was going out of business and gave away a bunch of it.

I got a number of sheets and used it in my shop for hanging tools and stuff.

A recent instructable on making a track system out of plywood got me thinking that there might be an

easier way.

Voila! Slatwall laid flat and glued to a substrate (I recommend 3/4 ply or MDF) and you have a fixture

with an infinite number of attachment points.

Just take whatever you wish to attach, Say a chop saw, run a couple of carriage bolts thru the base(If there

are no convenient bolt holes you can attach it to a piece of plywood and drill holes. Tighten up the bolts with

wing nuts and there you are. Best thing since sliced bread! ( I always wonder what was the best thing BEFORE

sliced bread:)

While slatwall will probably work in most cases, If you are going to be using it in an industrial setting, it might

not hold up . But in most home shops ,it should work fine, and if you get it for free, you really can't complain.

PS: For those of you who were not standing on your head while viewing these photos, please excuse them being

upside down:) And I wish to add my thanks to my son-in-law for his technical assistance Cough cough.

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    That looks like a good idea. I might have to try this when I set up my next shop.