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Introduction: Sleep Headphone

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This project is based on the SleepPhone made by acousticsheep, it's made to be comfortable and thin, so you can listen to your favorite music, podcast or asmr while laying down in bed.

It does not require any programming or special tools to make it(Apart from the soldering iron), also you can harvest most of the materials from things you might have laying around at home, like old cellphone and headphones.

Step 1: All the Parts You Will Need

  • Lithium battery (you can get one from old cellphones)
  • A pair of small speakers (you can get one from old headphones)
  • A charger module (i am using the TP4056, but any charger module will do the trick)
  • Bluetooth audio receiver module (i am using the bk8000l)
  • Switch
  • Hot Glue
  • Wires
  • Couple of resistors(We gonna use the wires to solder on the tiny bluetooth module)


If you don't want to use the bluetooth module you can get the Pam8403 amplifier and solder the speakers to it, you will have slightly better audio quality but the down side you get a headphone cord behind your neck.

Step 2: Wiring the Charger

If you are using the cellphone battery, be careful when soldering, do not apply direct heat to it, baterries are very dangerous and can explode with too much heat.

When you finish wiring everything up you should end up with 2 wires hanging, we will use it to power the bluetooth, also be careful to not put these wires to together when the switch is ON because it will draw battery charge.

Before we go to the next step you should try to charge the battery, you don't need to put the switch to ON to charge the battery, if you are using the same module as me you should see a red light indicating that is charging and when its done the light should go blue.

Step 3: Bluetooth

This is the trickiest part, the spaces to solder the wires on this bluetooth module are reaaaaaly small, i could not get any normal wire to attach to the board so i ended up cutting the legs of a resistor and using it to solder to the board. We only want the resistor's leg not the entire thing, so after you have soldered everything don't forget to cut resistance part off.

The module has lots of features like prev and next track or a mute button and even a space to put a microphone on it! But for this project we only need the to solder Ground, V-Bat(VCC), Audio_RN, Audio_RP, Audio_LN, Audio_LP. Since the ground and vcc are so close to each other take extra care to avoid them touching each other when powered, otherwise you will end up with a dead board.

Just like last step when you finish everything you should end up with a ground and vcc hanging.

Step 4: Connection and Securing Everything Together

Now you should solder the ground and vcc from step 2 and 3 together, test if everything works, be careful to not make any wires touch each other and then secure everything with hot glue, lots of hot glue to avoid any problems later on.

Step 5: The Headband

Any headband with enough space to fit the battery on it should be enough, the only thing you need to make is a hole to fit everything and position the speakers on your ears and close the hole with velcro, so you can take it off to wash.

I hope this project helps you sleep, if you have any comment, improvement or question please let me know on the comments below.

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    1 year ago

    Awesome tutorial, thanks for sharing.