Sleeper and Throwing a Yo-Yo - Yo-Yo Basics - Luke Renner

About: Video clips are produced by yo-yo performer Luke Renner. Compilations represent over 18 years of performance experience from the streets of Berlin to the coasts of California. Currently in production is a se...

Yo-yo topic covered in this instructional video is the proper throw for a yo-yo and the sleeper yo-yo trick. Note: This video is geared for beginner players using fixed axle and responsive bearing yo-yos (responsive bearing yo-yos typically use break pads). Advanced players tend to use yo-yos that are non-responsive and require binding the string to have yo-yo return from a sleeper. Primary yo-yos used in the demonstration by Luke Renner were created by: Playmaxx, Tom Kuhn, and Monarch. Studio footage filmed by Andrew Gomez in Northwest New Mexico 12/30/09. Music is a public domain jazz loop by Florian. Sound effects are in the public domain and by Sith Master from Flash Kit.



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