Sleeping Pad for Boney Hips



I like camping and backpacking but my boney (and old) hips ache after a night of sleeping with only a half inch of foam between me and the ground.  I absolutely cannot sleep on my back and a heavy air mattress is out of the question for backpacking.  Hammocks are great for napping but don't do it for me for the long haul.  What to do?

By padding up (raising slightly) the ilium, pressure on the hip socket and the boney protrusion known as the trochanter is greatly reduced.  You can carry a small piece of padding just for this but ideally this would be permanently attached with adhesive - experiment first to make sure your glue doesn't dissolve your padding material.  I have found that a strategically placed fold in my Therm-A-Rest Z Lite pad works perfectly.

Be sure to put the padding on your ilium, not your hip socket.  The idea is to raise your socket, not pad it.  Don't overdo it or you will tweak your spine and wake up as the human question mark.

This stupid simple mod to my pad has made backpacking enjoyable again.  I hope this can help someone else too.



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