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Introduction: Sleepover What to Do?

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Step 1: The Start

Try decorating and planning were you (both) are going to sleep. Like maybe you could build a tent/fort, or set up a tent in the back yard or rep in a tree house or on the trampoline. Or be simple and sleep on a couch.

Step 2: Next

How about a movie? Here are a few good movies/TV shows
•The original Parent Trap (with Haley Mills I think)
•Parent Trap (With Lindsay Lohan)
• Spongebob Squarepants
•Goodbye life hello sister
•the Brady Bunch
•Saved by the bell
•The Cosby Show
•Yogi bear
• Boy Meets World
•Keenan and Kel
•Movies on Disney are also good
• I (almost) got away with it

Step 3: Prank

You could do pranks like ding dong ditch or prank call. Here is a website for prank calling you will get 2 free calls a day

If you don't know what ding dong ditch is all you do is ring someone's door bell and run away but you do it on the same house 2 times or more.

Step 4: Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare questions


•Go outside and yell "Help I lost my voice and I can't find it!"
•The next person that walks in the room say "I have loved you all my life lets run away together"
•Go into the pool with your clothes on
•Create your own rap about your love
•Rap about a sink
•Rap a Vanilla Ice song


•Would kissing the person(s) next to you excite you

•what's something no one knows about you

•what's the longest you have been on the computer

Step 5: Crafts

Try drawing Go with spongebob and Patrick put google eyes on rocks. paint pictures
If you go to Michel's(spelled wrong)( craft store) you can get a rainbow loom and rubber bands or a kit to make moccasins or dream catcher kit Or similar crafts

Step 6: Thank You

Thank you for looking at this I hope it gave a few ideas to you.

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