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Introduction: Sleepy Owl Hat

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I think there's nothing cuter than a hat with a face on it.
Who's with me?
Here's how I made this Sleepy Owl Hat.

Step 1: Material

This hat is great because I re-purposed an old cardigan, donated to me by my Grandad as it had a hole in it.
It also had some fabulous suede details which came in very handy.

Step 2: Making the Hat

To make the hat I cut a section from the back of the cardigan, mine measured approximately 40x25cm to fit my head, and folded it in half and folded over the edges

Step 3: Ears for the Owl

The cardigan I used had suede pockets and strips down the front so I unpicked them and cut them into smaller strips.
I tied these into two bundles for the fringey ears on the hat.
These could also be made with felt or another kind of fabric.

Step 4: Sewing the Hat

Because I was sewing the hat inside out, I put the suede strips through the corners of the hat, with most of them on the inside.
I then machine sewed the two sides, but had to hand sew through the suede as it is too thick for the sewing machine

Step 5: Giving the Owl a Face

For the facial features I cut the eyes out of felt and the nose and eyelids from more of the suede.
I glued these on with UHU glue and stitched around the edges to make sure they were definitely attached.

Step 6: Making It Look Like an Owl

I then stitched around the eyes with white wool to create that signature owl look.

Step 7: Finished

And done.
Ready to be adorable in winter.

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    Izoa Artista
    Izoa Artista

    3 years ago

    Omg this would be such a great challenge to try to crocheted the base part!!!