Slender Man Costume

Introduction: Slender Man Costume

Hello fellow instructableranators or robots, this is my very first instructable after finding this wonderful website. I will be honest I'm a little nervous but thats beside the point! so you want to be slender? and not look i have a suit and a white mask slender, holy tentacles, drop your cell phone/dying flashlight and run for that third page 6+ foot tall slender? well so did i but apparently the internet didn't because for all the searching I did I could not find how to make slendy tentacles. well search no more now low and behold the might slender man and with a little work you could have this amazing costume! so away to the woods/ home depot and michaels we go!

Step 1: The Mythos

For those of you who do not know slender man is a old german creature known as Der Ritter (you know I'm just gonna go ahead and say THANKS SLENDER WIKI) he is depicted as a tall faceless man. He has recently been reemerging through the internet. Slender most common victims are children although he will stalk and impale human adults as well. He is known to give his victims "slender sickness" after stalking making victims have several severe symptoms. And for those wondering no he is not just a video game. For more reading about Sir Slendy and his Friends check out and also check out marble hornets on youtube.

Step 2: Getting Your Supplies

For this project you will need.


a block of wood about 2 feet high with the top and bottom the size of your feet
4 1x1 wood sticks
1 fairly long board as wide as your stilts
a lot of varying length screws and nails
2 packs of wide velcro packs 
4 rolls of velcro
2 lengths of 1x1 wood that are appx 3 ft
Black spraypaint (optional)


a fairly large second hand blazer (I got mine for 8 $'s)
a very tall pair of pants (I got mine for 2 $'s)
a lawn spider with very long legs ( only not super cost effective item cost me 20$)
a red or black tie (I chose red because it popped more but if you want stealth go with the black)
a button up whit shirt
4 metal rings (something similar to key rings)
super glue and fabric tape


power drill
needle and thread

Step 3: Building the Stilts

To build the stilts you are going to need to find the midpoint on your large lumber block and saw. it is critical that you saw as straight as possible. once this is complete use the side that was cut as the top (the part your foot will rest on). you will then take your longer board and cut it into 4 8 inch chunks that should be as wide as the board you will stand on (these will be the support boards). then take the 1x1 boards and cut them to the width of the board you will be standing (these will be the connectors). then place the connector at the edge of one of the support beams and drill it in. do this to all of the support beams. place this next to the main block at the right side for the right foot and left side at the left foot and drill them into the block through the connector. Be careful not to let the screw stick through so you do not cut yourself. now take the other 2 prepared support beams and drill them into the block and the other support beam. now attach a 3 to 4 foot long 1x1 board about halfway up the middle of the main block. make sure to attach them in the middle on the outside. now stand on the stilts and mark the board so it is just below the knee. this is very important. these provide a large amount of support and without these you probably wont be able to walk. once you have the boards cut and everything is attached then we can begin to attach the velcro. first take the packs of large flat velcro and staple the same type velcro to each other facing the same direction. then mount them on the front of the main block just below the top. now take a full velcro roll and attach them to each other just a little at one end. now nail it through the shin support on the outside. if you think your foot is a little lose you may add a heel strap. to do this do exactly what you did for the shin strap except nail it lower on the main block (see picture) then wrap it around you shoe and cut it to the length you need. You slender stilts are now complete. be sure to get lots of practice before you try walking on them too much. p.s I  am not responsible for any damage you do to property or your body with any part of these costumes.

Step 4: Preparing the Pants

This is one of the easiest steps. simply cut along either the inside or outside high enough so it will fit over the stilts. i chose inside for looks but it is entirely up to you. the only other thing about this is the fact that these pants are so tall means they are generaly quite large in the waist so i recommend wearing over jeans and with a belt.

Step 5: Building the Jacket

This is also a rather long step and i recommend doing it in a location where it will not need to be moved. the first step will be finding your lawn spider............and stabbing it repeatedly. all joking aside this halloween decoration will be maimed as you cut of the legs. then if you want you may cut the back of the jacket open along the back seem. make sure not to cut all the way through, only through the first layer. this is optional but i liked the look. now position your "tentacles" in the middle of the jacket and sow them on. then sow them on some more. attach the velcro strap firmly on the inside of the jacket. although the rings (see picture) are optional i like the extra control. to do this tie black thread on two of the legs then through the underside of the collar. once on the inside you may tie your rings on now you are ready to prep the costume.

Step 6: Other Amenities

Do not forget your Red/black Tie, your white shirt and of course your morph mask. these are the little things that make the costume. i already had the shirt and i got a goodwill tie. the morph mask came from

Step 7: Scare the Children

So you are ready to scare the children? well this costume is a little tough to put on. start by putting on the white shirt and black pants and the tie. Then put on the jacket by putting the velcro waist strap as tight as possible. Now hike up the black pants as far as you can and step onto the stilts. start with the shin support and then attach the main foot and heel straps. be very careful walking as not to trip and dont get caught on doors. have a great time appearing out of nowwhere.

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