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I have fallen in love with the new trend of Wood Sliced Ornaments that I see everywhere (especially on Pinterest). There are so many ways to use these guys - they can be glued on, painted, name it. Also, you are only limited in size by what you can get your hands on. They do come in birch in different sizes at the craft store (I saw them most recently at Michaels Craft Store) or you can find a tree in your yard that can spare part of a limb and take your pieces from that....

Ingredients for this project:
Wood Slices (buy or cut your own)
Mod Podge (or your choice of glue)
white paint
Golden Self-Leveling Gel (or sealer of your choice)
Eye Screws (optional)
Twine (optional)

Ready to start??

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Step 1: Find Your Pieces of Wood:

Like I said, there are options to finding your wood pieces. At a craft store, or hopefully you have a tree sitting around that can spare a limb.

I was lucky to have a cherry tree that had a dead limb that could be taken down and sliced up. It had the natural moss and aged-bark that was authentic and cool looking:

Step 2: Choose Your Images....

I decided on some images from a book of "Gnomes" I have had and loved forever. Make color copies (resize if necessary) and carefully cut them out.

I choose the Gnome people, some little houses, and a couple of natural settings or backgroundto be put together in different combinations to make each ornament unique....

Step 3: Put Them Together and Glue Them On:

I used Mod Podge as a glue (it can also be used as a sealer if you choose). Layout the images on top of each other in the combinations you chose and glue them onto the wood.

Step 4: Add Some Paint and Seal Them Up!!

I dabbed somewhite painton the backgrounds around the images just to make the images stand out a little better since they were darker then I expected them to look on the wood.

Then, after the glue and paint were completely dry, I coated them withGolden (brand) Self-Leveling Gel to smooth out the surface and make the layers look even, and seal the piece as well. This is a choice, however, you can choose to just seal with more Mod Podge on the surface to add a shine or keep it matte (Mod Podge comes in Matte or Gloss)...

Step 5: All Done! They Look Great!

Make sure to give them 12-24 hours of drying time to make sure all the sealer is dry.

And your method of hanging them is your can drill a hole and hang them with twine, or you can use an eye screw and twist it into the top of the wood piece and tie or hook them up...what ever works!!


There is a similar step-by-step tutorial on my blog that may answer any questions you may have, or you can email me and I will help answer your questions...You can click the link HERE or copy and paste the following address:

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    doo da do

    3 years ago

    I would suggest that the cut pieces dry for 1 year, to see if they are going to split.


    5 years ago on Introduction

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    1 reply

    5 years ago

    The idea is nice but you use the copyright sign while you violate the copyright of Rien Poortvliet that's not done. Why not using your own pictures or leave the sign away.

    1 reply
    wicked jypsijmdushi

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I appreciate your bringing that to my attention. I am always learning, and will keep it in mind!! :)


    5 years ago

    I was going to do something similar with this year's Christmas tree instead of throwing it away. Thanks or sharing.

    1 reply
    wicked jypsiflecktone

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    That is such a great idea! It would be a good reason for me to actually buy a "real" Christmas tree this coming Christmas instead of the fake one that is up every year at my house! Thanks!