Slide Action Pistol




slide action pistol I made works well have fun

some stats

rage 20 -25 feet with good rubberbands
comfortable 7-8 shot mag
ammo grey 1 slot connector

don't forget to rate and subscribe if you get stuck or something like that comment and ill get to it as soon as I can

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Step 1: Piece List

Gather Knex


Orange 23
Yellow 38
Red 12
Green 2
Grey 1 slot 8
Grey 2 slots 6
White 6


Green 85
White 28
Blue 13
Yellow 1
Long black 1


Y clips 7

Step 2: The Slide

build the slide

pic 1 build and gather everything you see in the photo oh and there should be 7 blue rods one fell on the floor when taking the slide apart

pic 2 add 5 blue rods to the first side

pic 3 add one of the orange layers

pic 4 and the second side

pic 5 add the last orange layers

pic 6 add the last side

pic 7 what it sould look like from top

pic 8 make this part

pic 9 another view

pic 10 add blue rod through were shown

pic 11 add blue rod through shown

pic 12 add together

pic 13 final piece

Step 3: Handle and Trigger

just follow

pic 1 make everything you can see in photo the one in the middle right the green rod should be on the end

pic 2 add rod on first layer

pic 3 add second layer

pic 4 add third layer

pic 5 add fourth layer

pic 6 add final layer

pic 7 add four whit rods as shown

pic 8 make what you can see

pic 9 attach on handle

Step 4: Magazine

the easy bit

pic 1 make all in photo

pic 2 add four white rods on first side

pic 3 add orange sides

pic 4 add last side

Step 5: Body

probably the hardest step out of all

pic 1 make what's in photo

pic 2 add internals to first side

pic 3 add other side

pic 4 on the white connector the blue rod should be on the bottom right how shown now not how it is on the other photos

pic 5 should be 5 layers on the white connectors

pic 6 make what's in photo and put aside until assembly

Step 6: Assembly

this bit is easy just follow

pic 1 and pic 2 connect the handle as shown

pic 3 add sides as shown

pic 4 add blue rod

pic 5 add the black y clip as shown

pic 6 and pic 7 add the slide to the top

pic 8 clip on the mag

pic 9 make the firing pin

Step 7: Baning the Gun and Loading

follow this is very easy if followed correctly

pic 1 put rubber band on firing pin and attach to pic 2 here as shown

pic 3 also need a rubber band from here to pic 4 here the back of the slide

pic 5 also need rubber band on the front as shown but needs to be small

pic 6 also need a band for the trigger as shown

pic 7 and pic 8 how to load put bullet into mag and the put mag pusher and then attach a rubber band as shown

to shoot

to shoot the gun pull the slide back until trigger moves upwards and the push slide forwards and then pull trigger repeat until reload

thanks have fun with the gun :) ;)



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    30 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    It took me a long time to get it to work but it did work in the end


    7 years ago on Step 5

    u need too add more peices to the "what u need" list


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice I havent found any good slide action pistols that don't have and broken peices...this might be the one I have been looking for!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    It's a great gun but, what ammo does it fire because my whites arenet fiffting in the mag


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is a great instructable! The instructions were thorough and easy to understand. For my gun I, I extended the mag and fixed the jamming problem. i also added a cool handgaurd and a trigger that is easier to pull and harder to break. 

    1 reply
    knex madtylamarre

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    cool its a little messy but yeah there is an easier solution to the trigger just change the 2 slot grey connecters to a red connecter and add green or white rods


    9 years ago on Introduction

     i love the gun. the looks are good, the perforance is good, but the peice count was wrpnng. but im juding your gun by performance and look, so 5 atr.

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    i would recommend a ridiculously long mag for this just cause it's always fun when you never run out of ammo.