Slide Frame Magnet




Introduction: Slide Frame Magnet

Make a magnet using an old glass slide frame and a photo.  If you go to a real camera store that has been in business for a while, they will have these glass slide mounts that were used to mount slide film for projection.  They are great.

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Step 1:

The store I went to gave me the mounts for free.  They have a grey side and white side.  All you need is a photo and an old refrigerator magnet to glue on.

Step 2:

Select a photo with an image you want and trace it to get the size.

Step 3:

The inside has two lips to hold the photo.  Make sure the photo is small enough for the frame to snap together.

Step 4:

Cut an old magnet (like the business card ones) and hot glue it on the back of the mount.

Step 5:

Place proudly on the refrigerator or anywhere you want.  This project cost me nothing.

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