Slide Projector Microscope



Introduction: Slide Projector Microscope

Hi, in this instructable I will be teaching you how to turn a slide projector into a microscope. It is relatively easy to do.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

You'll need;
1-slide projector
2-knife(a scalpel is preferred)
3-an onion(my sample)
4-forceps(I used a pair of tweezers)
5-a projector slide
6-10 minutes of free time

7-(optional) methylene blue solution (for dying the sample) you can use fountain pen ink blue type

Step 2: Bring In... "The Onion" !!

1-cut the onion in half after shaving it clean
2-cut a piece of one of the concentric rings
3-use the forceps to remove the white membrane on the inside of piece you just cut
4-dye the sample with methylene blue solution or fountain pen ink
5-leave it to dry for 5 minutes
6-open the projector slide and put the sample inside
7-close the slide and pop it in the projector
8-turn the projector on and adjust the focus for the best

Step 3: Optimizing

For optimum performance clean the lenses of the projector all of them and the curved mirror behind the lamp also the higher the lumen of the projector the better (I'm using a 24v 150w lamp as a maximum of this projector, enjoy

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