Slide Rail With 3d Print Parts

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Intro: Slide Rail With 3d Print Parts


I wanted to have rail system in my small workshop, for powercords and lights.

As a material i used 40 x 40 x 4mm alumine box section.

10/9/30mm bearings (inner hole/widht/outer diameter)

8mm threaded rod and M3 screws.

3D printed parts.

Step 1: Parts..

I started from box section, and cut 12mm slice out from it with circular saw.

Drilled mounting holes with countersunks.

Then i printed the parts and assembled them.

Very simple. :)

Video shows the making, and design for the prints can be found here.

This must be one of the shortest instructables ever.. but, i think it doesn't need to be longer to show the idea.

Thanks for checking this out.




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