Slide Seat for Disabled Kids




Introduction: Slide Seat for Disabled Kids

The seat was created to enable a child with cerebral palsy to sit safely in the playground slide and be driven down in it by his parents.

The seat is made from PC sheet that was folded to shape by thermoforming it.

The sleds are made from delrin, a plastic which has very good lubrication qualities.

Note: we used M4 screws and tap for all the assembly.

Enjoy the project's clip!

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Step 1: The PC Seat

the folds were made by thermoforming the sheet.

the angle between the seat and backrest is 70 degrees. the rest of the angles are 90.

We recommend folding the seat first, than the two supports and the small tabs last.

Step 2: The Sleds

Made from delrin, as it has very good friction qualities.

The best way to make this part is by CNC. The holes need to be tapped.

Step 3: Handle Connectors

also made from thermofomed PC sheet it serves as the adapter for the handle and clips.

the seat has two of these parts which are the same layout, but folded to be mirrored.

Step 4: The Clips

The female part was drilled and screwed to the top of the Handle Adapter. We used a cone head screw so it would not interfere was the clip operation.

Step 5: The Cushions

Regular cushions, made from padding foam warped in fabric.

All the cushions are attached to the seat with velcro, and the all have zippers so they could be washed.

The seat cushion was made with space for the legs separator.

Step 6: Overall Front

Made from two layers of fabric that can stretch a little. two rigid strips were sewn to the shoulders and the clip was inserted.

Step 7: Assembly

After all the parts were made, the first step was attaching the seat, handle adapters and handle. The assembled seat was sent to painting.

The clips were screw in their place. And then the sleds.

Velcro strips were glued to the seats to accept the velcro on the cushions.

The overall was inserted between the seat and the cushion, and then the cushions went into place.

Step 8: Files

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Such a fantastic instruct able and you guys are too cute and so much fun!


    3 years ago

    Our local playgrounds have swings like these (without padding) and we teach our kids they are for kids who need special seats to still have fun. I think they are fantastic. Yours is even nicer, of course.