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I am a 40 years old 3D animator and dad of two little boys (5 and 7). My hobbies are woodworking,...

This is a slide tower I made to my two little boys in August. It took two weeks the planning and two weeks the woodwork.

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Step 1: Cleaning the Backyard

Unfortunately our great thujas diseased this spring, so we decided to take them out and build a slide tower to our 5 and 7 years old children.

Step 2: Planning

I made the plans in 3D. There were a few version. This became the final one.

Step 3: Purchasing

I bought mostly 13 feet long spruce beams. Cross-section: 4*4, 2*4, 2*6 inches. And one inch boards.

Step 4: Joint Planning

I didn't want to use only screws and I like to make wood joints. This kind of joint was a good choice to build in the middle platform's base.

Step 5: Joinery

I made the joints on the legs and cut the timber frame of the middle platform. In the meantime I made the concrete bases of the legs. And the leg holders were placed too. A few days later the longest and heaviest parts were combined. The frame was standing. Highest leg is 11 feet 749⁄64 inches, shorts are 10 feet 563⁄64 inches. The distance between them is 4 feet 33⁄16 inches so the full width of the platform could be 4 feet 111⁄16 inches. I had exact parameters, because my wife decided to build a pallet bench. (You can see the half way state of her project on the third picture.) I used hand tools and power hand tools also.

Step 6: About Legs

Here you can see the joints between the legs and the platform timber frame. And the cover of the leg holder's screws.

Step 7: Planking, Painting, Slide

Here are some close pictures about the hand-rail and the back-planking. And the final state, painted with spot-glaze. I used raw spruce color. The last step was to screw the slide onto the platform. Unfortunately I didn't take more photos about making. Maybe you wonder what about the roof. Everyone ask about that at first. :) I wanted to make from 1/2 inch boards (like the back hoarding) but my wife suggested that it could be breezy and nicer to climb woodbine. We will see in the next summer! :)

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