Slide to WATER SLIDE!!!!



Introduction: Slide to WATER SLIDE!!!!

So being the father of 6 outgoing and fun kids figuring out how to come up with cheap fun adventures is a must!!! I used leftover pieces to make the kids slide into a water slide! Even if you were to go and buy everything I used you got a water slide that will bring hours of joy for approximately $5!!!!

Step 1: Prep Work Before Assembly!

I grabbed a leftover piece of 1/2" pvc about 3' long, a cap, and a threaded end piece for it, and finally one of the water ballon fillers.

I took the tip off the water ballon filler and opened the hole so I could slide it over the end of the threaded piece.

I cut down the threaded end to only 2 threads left on so when I attach the hose it won't be in the way.

Like I said these are pieces I had in the house. If you purchase the pieces I'm sure you can find an end for the pvc that will attach to your hose so will eliminate the mess of figuring that out!

I drilled holes in the pvc about 1' apart. I used a 1/8" bit. I left about 8" at each end not drilled because they wouldn't hit the slide.

Step 2: Assembly!

I had some caulk that I used to attach the end cap and threaded pieces to the piece of pvc. However attaching the blue threaded piece I went with gorilla glue to get a more serious adhesion since that is the part that will get the abuse!

Now let it dry and have some fun!

Step 3: Time for Fun!

just hook to hose place over the slide and let'er rip potato chip!

Have fun and stay cool!!!

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