SlideBoard by SSam and Chris

Today I would like to present our idea called SlideBoard.

So, in this project, we had a struggle. We had ideas make something interesting using skateboard but the thing is that we don't have any recourses to follow our ideas. The challenge became more exciting because we needed to create something from nothing. After long and deep thinking, my panther and I created something useful and at the same time, it is easy to make without any money: SlideBoard

SlideBoard is like a board from skateboard but it has multiple tasks. It is different from the traditional skateboard that only allows skating only on a flat road. Our SlideBoard can be used in multiple seasons.

SlideBoard functions:

  • It can slide during
    • Winter(on a hill)
    • Summer(on hill sand)
    • Autumn(on hill grass)

We made a video but we could not demonstrate the use of the SlideBoard in Winter or Summer because of time of the year which is now Autumn.

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Step 1: Have a Skateboard

After you have the skateboard, take off the wheel of the skateboard.

And now your SlideBoard is ready

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6 weeks ago

I corrected some details.

The thing is that my project does not have much details.


Question 6 weeks ago

Why cannot I post my project to a contest???

1 answer

Answer 6 weeks ago

We review every instructable before they get published and added into a contest! Yours was held up due to not having enough information/steps. If you have anything else you can add, it will help your chances of being a finalist :)